Potable Water Tanks

Water is easily one of the most important resources available. We need water for life. Storing water in potable water tanks is especially important. In the event of natural disasters or other emergencies, you may need stored water for drinking.

Wildfires have increased over the past few decades in the western pacific states. They have done a lot of damage to property and lives. Imagine if a wildfire devastates your community. What if you do not have any clean water to drink? A potable water tank is the answer.

In 2020, Sacramento County had an estimated 5,042 acres burned. In 2020 over 1,000,000 acres burned from wildfires across Oregon. 2017 saw the worst wildfire season in Oregon. There were 1,069 reported wildfires that burned 451,863 acres.

Colorado also had its share of fires. In 2018 wildfires burned 430,000 acres, and destroyed or damaged 450 homes. The only worse season at that point had been the 2002 season which burned 926,502 acres.

Water storage tanks
Water storage tanks

In Idaho, in 2021 a major uptick in wildfires occurred seeing over 115,971 acres of state land burned. Before that, the average was 20,049 acres in one year for 20 years. Fire occurrence in 2021 was up 161% and the number of acres burned was up 578%. The governor added more firefighters and $150 million for future firefighting costs to the budget.

California requires that properties have fire protection tanks to help reduce the spread of wildfires.

There are benefits to fire prevention water storage tanks these benefits include:

These tanks work for drinking water and for fire prevention tanks. You can use these for any natural disaster from wildfire to tornados and more.

Choosing the Right Tank

The size and type of drinking water storage tank chosen must be large enough to meet the needs that you have. For families or communities, potable water must be clean and safe to use. A family of four may need a 10,000 gallon tank but a city might need a million gallon tank.

A good drinking water tank will be able to meet this need by keeping the water from being contaminated. Keeping the water from touching the inside of the water storage tank will keep the water clean for drinking. In this case, a liner or coating inside the tank can be used to keep the water from touching the tank’s material.

With many tank options, there is one for every need. Tanks are made from different materials, with different technology, for different storage durations.

Water storage tank

Types of Tanks for Storing Potable Water

Bolted steel tanks are known as being workhorse tanks. They can potentially hold up to 5 million gallons of potable water. Depending on the coating, they can be an excellent type of tank for potable water storage for municipalities and industrial uses.

Bolted fiberglass tanks are a cost-effective, reliable way to store water for emergencies or daily needs. Most ideal for storing corrosive chemicals, NSF-approved resins are used to ensure that tanks remain durable. Also, they are still safe for potable water storage.

Corrugated bolted steel tanks are one of the most versatile types of potable water tanks. Featuring corrosion-resistant panels and thick membrane liners, they are ideal for storing water. With these tanks, you won’t have to worry about contamination from the steel.

Glass fused to steel tanks is a long-lasting way to ensure that water is kept usable and safe for drinking. It makes great for emergency needs. Glass fused to steel tanks is made from silica glass and steel. The material is fused to create an ultra-durable porcelain enamel tank with high corrosion resistance. It is a top choice for municipal or potable water storage.

Stainless steel tanks are the most popular choice for commercial and residential potable water storage. The Safest and most durable out of all tank materials is stainless steel. Water tanks that are stainless steel have interior coatings that meet all EPA and FDA standards.

Plastic water storage tanks are another ideal choice for potable water storage during emergencies. They work great for residential and commercial uses. Plastic water storage tanks come in a large variety of sizes and are very durable.

Water storage tank internal

Other uses for water storage tanks

There are other uses the tanks can also serve. Some of the uses include:
Fire Protection Tanks serves a very large regional market. But we are always happy to help any homeowner, business, of municipality fill their water storage and fire protection needs. For more information, please contact us directly.
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