Poly Fire Protection Tanks

Our Poly fire protection tanks are available in several states. These states include:

We offer poly fire protection tanks in sizes from 550 gallons 64 inch diameter up to 10,000 gallons in 144 inch diameter. The 550 gallon tank is good for residential homes and extremely small businesses. Manufacturing and agricultural businesses will require the larger 10,000 gallon tanks for fire protection tanks.

California has seen a rise in wildfires in the past few decades. In 2021 the Alisal Fire damaged the county’s new state-of-the-art recycling facility. The firefighters were able to keep the main buildings safe. Fire damage in California costs millions and even billions every year. Wildfire water tanks can help reduce that costs. With private fire protection tanks, the risk of a total loss of structures is also greatly reduced.

Poly fire protection tanks
Poly fire protection tanks

2019 saw Colorado lose 8,959 acres in the Decker fire. In 2020 Colorado had 13 fires. The Cameron Peak Fire burned 208,663 acres. The East Troublesome fire burned 192,560 acres, and the third large acreage fire that year was the Pine Gulch Fire that burned 139,007 acres.

In 2020 over 1,000,000 acres burned from wildfires across Oregon. The Portland area was covered by a haze of smoke when two fires merged. The Eagle Creek and Indian Creek fires merged to form one large wildfire. 2017 saw the worst wildfire season in Oregon. There were 1,069 reported wildfires that burned 451,863 acres.

July 2020 saw 500 acres burned in Utah. In August 2021 the oak grove fire burned over 700 acres.

In 2020 Nevada had several fires. There were nine to be exact. The largest being the Meadow Valley fire that burned 59,265 acres. The second largest fire in 2020 was the Twin fire which burned 25,110 acres. The smallest was the Monarch fire which burned 2,324 acres.

In April 2015 a wildfire damaged several homes and shut down a section of State Route 25. That fire damaged multiple summer homes and sheds. There was also a secondary fire had burned around 10 acres but was not putting homes in danger. On top of those two, there were three fires burning north of Strawberry Reservoir that were started by downed power lines due to high winds.

July 2020 saw 500 acres burned in Utah. In August 2020, a fire near Fruitland burned around 225 acres. It destroyed a primary residence and a couple of outbuildings. The fire endangered 24 other primary structures. In August 2021the oak grove fire burned over 700 acres. Annually the average of wildfires in Utah is 800 to 1,000. In 2018, there were 1,327 wildfires that cost around $13.4 million in damages.

All these states have seen wildfires. They all realize that fire protection tanks can reduce the risk of total loss to homes and businesses.

Wild Fire
Poly Fire Protection Tanks

Poly fire protection tanks

Poly or plastic fire protection tanks can provide enough water for fire prevention to use sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems for the exterior can keep the roof and buildings wet, so a hot ember will not spark a fire. Interior sprinklers can slow down the fire from spreading and allow people to exit the building.

Due to the various sizes these tanks work well for both residential and small commercial properties. If you have a large building and a lot of acres you may wish to use two or more tanks. You could also use a poly tank and a steel bolted tank for protecting your property. That’s what makes these tanks so ideal for fire protection tanks.

The amount of money, land, property, and lives that could be saved by fire protection tanks is extreme as you can see from the fires listed above. Without fire protection tanks wildfires will continue spreading.

What can you use poly tanks for?

Poly tanks can be used in several ways. These include:

Poly tanks are ideal for all those uses. They are safe and keep water clean. This means you can help with fire prevention and have safe drinking water during times of emergencies.

With the changes in weather the past few decades, you could find yourself in a natural disaster emergency from tornados, fires, and more. You will need a source of clean drinking water. A poly tank can provide you that resource. It is also possible that it can help reduce your insurance premiums. They may even keep your insurance policy from being terminated.

Poly Fire Protection Tanks
Wild Fire

It is important that you make a fire protection plan. That plan should include the following:

This fire protection plan can save your life and your property. For more information or a price quote contact us.

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