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Utah Fire Protection Tanks

Utah is state in the western US. Like many states in the west it too has seen an uptick in wildfires the past few years. It has become important that fire protection tanks be used to reduce the spread of fires.

Utah has a dry to semi-arid desert climate. According to the 2020 census the state of Utah had a population of 3,271,616. The economy is mining, oil, and tourism. In 2014, Forbes magazine rates Utah number one on their list of best states for business. 

Salt Lake City is the capitol of Utah. Other cities and communities in Utah include:

Annually the average of wildfires in Utah is 800 to 1,000. In 2018, there were 1,327 wildfires that cost around $13.4 million in damages.

In April 2015 a wildfire damaged several homes and shut down a section of State Route 25. That fire damaged multiple summer homes and sheds. There was also a secondary fire had burned around 10 acres but was not putting homes in danger. On top of those two, there were three fires burning north of Strawberry Reservoir that were started by downed power lines due to high winds.

July 2020 saw 500 acres burned in Utah

In August 2020, a fire near Fruitland burned around 225 acres. It destroyed a primary residence and a couple of outbuildings. The fire endangered 24 other primary structures.

In August 2021the oak grove fire burned over 700 acres.

Water storage tank
Steel Core Water Storage Tank

What Is a Fire Protection Tank

A fire protection tank is a water storage tank that is used solely for fire protection. It must be clearly marked fire protection. The tank must meet all local, county, and state regulations including NFPA-22.

A fire protection tank should only be one part of a fire preparedness plan. The other parts of that plan should include the following:

The benefits of a fire protection tank include:

If every citizen does their part along with local, county, and state departments we can greatly reduce the rapid spread of wildfires.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Both commercial and residential properties can use fire protection tanks.

Commercial properties generally choose steel bolted tanks because that tank is larger. They have more structures, equipment, and supplies to protect, so they need a larger tank.

Residential properties will mostly likely only need a poly tank which is smaller. There are fewer structures and equipment to protect on a residential property.

Water storage tank
Water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks in Utah

Water storage tanks available in Utah can be used in a variety of ways. The uses include:

The only differences in the operations are the size of tank needed and the liner. A tank for food processing will need a different liner from wastewater or drinking water.

City, County and State Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

There are local, counties, and state fire code requirements for water tanks.

Local codes may be slightly different from state codes so be sure to check them.

Utah Fire Prevention and Safety Act covers several items such as fireworks, gas, and more.

Utah State Construction and Fire Codes Act will cover construction materials that are fire retardant, sprinkler systems, and more.

water storage tanks

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

Utah has adopted the NFPA-22 standard. The standard assures that tanks are compliant starting with design, manufacturing, installation, upkeep, and accessories.


Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Utah

Both steel bolted and poly tanks are available for fire protection in Utah. These tanks meet all the requirements, standards, and regulation.

Steel bolted tanks are normally used by commercial properties because they are larger. They hold 4,000 gallons to two million gallons. That capacity allows the commercial property to protect its structures, equipment, and goods

Poly tanks are generally used by residential properties because they are a bit smaller. They hold 400 gallons to 15,000 gallons. Residential property has fewer structures, equipment, and goods they need to protect.

Both types of tanks will provide water flow for sprinkler systems and hoses to help prevent wildfire from igniting your structures. Remember when a fire protection tank is combined with the rest of your wildfire preparedness plan you reduce your risk of total loss. 

water storage tanks