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Seattle WA Fire Protection Tanks

In recent years Seattle Washington has understood the need for fire protection tanks. Seattle has seen an uptick in wildfires just like the rest of the state.

Seattle Washington is the county seat of King County Washington. As of the 2020 census the population was 737,015. Seattle’s economy is made up of industrial companies, technology companies, hospitality services, and green energy companies.

In September 2020 residents were advised to limit their time outdoors and to keep windows closed due to bad air quality from wildfire smoke. King County now has a wildfire smoke preparedness program.

The same month, wildfires burned through 330,000 acres in Washington causing the smoke to be so bad.

In August of 2020, there were three fires in King County. One of those was arson.

In September of 2021 residents of King County were warned to expect more fires in rural areas. They were also reminded to practice their fire preparedness plans and keep their ground around their home maintained to reduce the risk of fire jumping to their property.

Fire protection tanks should be one part of a fire preparedness plan. The other parts include:

water storage tanks
water storage tanks

The benefits of a fire protection tank include:

If every citizen does their part along with local, county, and state departments we can greatly reduce the rapid spread of wildfires.

What Is a Fire Protection Tank

A fire protection tank is a dedicated water storage tank for fire protection. It must meet all local, county, and state regulations and standards. It must be clearly marked as fire protection. If you have a fire protection tank you need to do regular checks on it to maintain it properly. Keeping the water level where it should be will make sure you have proper flow for sprinkler systems and hoses.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Both commercial properties and residential properties can benefit from fire protection tanks.

The benefits include:

Commercial properties normally choose steel bolted tanks because they are larger. The larger tanks fit the needs of commercial properties because they have more structures, equipment, and products to protect.

Residential properties normally choose the smaller poly tanks due to having fewer structures, less equipment and goods to protect.

Water storage tanks
water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks in Seattle WA

Water storage tanks in Seattle WA can be used in a variety of ways. Some of those uses are:

These water tanks meet all local, county, and state requirements including the NFPA-24 standard for Washington.

The size and material the tanks is made is the only difference between poly and steel bolted tanks. You can have your tank customized with accessories like valves and connection.

City, County and State Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

Be sure to familiarize yourself will all local, county, and state codes.

Washington state building and fire codes help with home, apartment, and even commercial property structures.

King Count is also issuing fire permits.

Emergency Management has educational resources on dealing with smoke from wildfires.

Water Storage Tanks

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

NFPA-22 compliant water tanks meet the standard for the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of tanks and accessory equipment that supply water for private fire protection.


Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Seattle Washington

Steel bolted and poly tanks are available for fire protection in Seattle Washington. These tanks meet all the regulations and standard requirements.

Commercial properties often choose the steel bolted tanks because they have more structures to protect. They also have expensive equipment and supplies they need to protect from fire.

The poly tanks are smaller capacities that begin around 400 gallons and go up to around 15,000 gallons. Residential and small businesses will usually choose this type of tank. With fewer structures, equipment, and supplies to protect this size does very well.

In some instances a combination of both steel bolted and poly tanks may be used. It depends on how far the things you need to protect are spread out. The capacity size also depends on the sprinkler systems. You must have proper flow.

Remember fire protection tanks should only be one  part of your fire preparedness plan.

Water Storage Tanks