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San Bernardino County CA. Fire Protection Tanks

San Bernardino Fire Protection Tanks are vital to the county to slow wildfire progression.

Like most other counties San Bernardino has seen the damages that wildfires can cause.

In 2013 the Lytle fire burned 75 acres in the county.

In 2021 there was a fire in San Bernardino County that burned several hundred acres, and destroyed a dozen homes and outbuildings. It also caused the evacuation of about 1,000 people.

More recently in 2021, a vegetation fire near commercial buildings turned into a three alarm fire. Strong winds spread that fire to nearby palm trees and portions of a two-story office complex. The wind then caused it to jump again to more palm trees nearby along with an outbuilding that contains 35,000 square feet office building. The building sustained heavy damage but fortunately no one was injured.

March 2022 sees a riparian conservation area in the Mojave Desert damaged by the Heritage fire. That fire has burned about 500 acres near Victorville.

If there is any hope of reducing the number of wildfires and the cost of damages every resident needs to join the local, county, and state in fire preparedness plans. Individuals having fire preparedness plans that include private fire protection tanks can help reduce the risks.

The 2020 census recorded the population of San Bernardino County as 2,181,654. This county is home to several protected areas. These areas include:

Water storage tank
Water storage tank

Places of interest to visit include:

What Is a Fire Protection Tank

A fire protection tank is a water storage tank that is used solely for protecting your property from fire. It must be large enough to provide adequate flow for hoses and even sprinklers. The fire protection tank must be clearly labeled fire protection.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Both commercial and residential area can benefit from fire tanks and fire preparedness planning.  Private fire tanks must meet all the local, county, and state regulations and codes.

The benefits of fire tanks include:

The main difference between commercial and residential fire tanks is the size.

Water storage tank
Water storage tank

Water Storage Tanks in San Diego County CA

Water storage tanks in San Diego County are available in steel bolted and poly (plastic) tanks. These water storage tanks can be used for several applications including:

Water storage tanks can meet many different needs. The difference in the tank from one need to another is the liner or coating. Drinking water for example will require a different liner than that of wastewater treatment.

City, County and State of California Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

There are code requirements that differ slightly from local, county, and state levels. Water storage tanks including fire protection tanks must meet all those codes and regulations. That includes the fire standard of NFPA-22 for fire tanks.

San Diego County Fire Protection Tank Standards states minimum water storage for fire protection and other regulations.

The San Diego County Forms can provide you with codes and permits for construction, alterations to structures and fire equipment like alarms and sprinklers.

The consolidated fire code for 2020 can be found at the San Diego Fire Authority.

Fire Protection Tank Roof

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

NFPA-22 is a national standard from the National Fire Protection Agency that covers fire water tanks from design, building, installing, and accessories of fire protection tanks.


Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in San Diego

Steel bolted and poly tanks are available for fire protection in San Diego County.

How do you choose which to use? The main difference is the capacity of the two. The steel bolted tanks have a larger capacity. These tanks start around 4,000 gallons and go up to 2,868,000 gallons. They are compliant with all local, county, and state regulations. They are also NFPA-22 compliant.

Generally commercial properties will choose the steel bolted tanks because they have more structures to protect. They also have expensive equipment and supplies they need to protect from fire.

The poly tanks are smaller capacities that begin around 400 gallons and go up to around 15,000 gallons. Residential and small private farms or businesses will usually choose this type of tank. With fewer structures, equipment, and supplies to protect this size does very well.

In some instances a combination of both steel bolted and poly tanks may be used. It depends on how far the things you need to protect are spread out. The capacity size also depends on the sprinkler systems. You must have proper flow.

Remember if you wish to have connections or valves in the tanks you must choose those when the tank is being manufactured.

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