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Sacramento city is the county seat of Sacramento County. It is also the state capital of California. The county runs from San Francisco Bay in the most southern portion to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sacramento County covers roughly about 994 square miles. In 2019, it was ranked number four on the Wildfire Risk Report. The city itself is fairly safe; it is when you move out in the east that the risk becomes greater.

The risk is calculated using several points such as fuel, terrain, number of homes, etc.  The cost to totally rebuild the houses there in 2019 would have been around $27.5 billion.

However, Sacramento County has much to offer. In 2010, the population of Sacramento County was a diverse mix of 1.4 million people.  There are three national protected areas in the county. They are Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, California National Historic Trail, and Pony Express National Historic Trail.

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The county has many schools and community colleges for higher education. Some of these community colleges include:
There are plenty of sites to see in Sacramento. Some of those include
museums like:

Of course there are plenty of shops and restaurants to visit as well.

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Sacramento County Fire Protection Tanks

In 2020, Sacramento County had an estimated 5,042 acres burned. That is why it is vital that both commercial and residential fire protection tanks be employed.

Fire protection tanks can reduce the risk of total loss. It provides enough time for the firefighters to get there.

What Is a Fire Protection Tank?

A fire protection tank is a water storage tank that meets local, state, and national standards. It stores water for fire protection. The water in that tank cannot be used for anything but fire protection.

The state of California has a law requiring all businesses including agricultural businesses to have a fire protection tank. They also need a plan to reduce the risk of wildfires starting on the premises. That includes catching fire due to ongoing wildfires.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Even residential fire protection tanks are becoming quite popular in recent years. That’s because fire tanks reduce the risk of total loss.

Most people think of interior sprinklers when speaking of sprinkler systems. However, there are also exterior sprinklers. Exterior sprinklers will soak the tops of structures and even land.

water storage tank
Water storage tank

Water Storage Tanks in Sacramento

Water storage tanks in Sacramento are needed for fire protection tanks. But, they can also provide drinking water and irrigation water in times of drought. Of course, each tank must be separate from the fire protection tank.  Other ways water storage tanks can be used include:

City, County and State of California Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

Because California has had so many wildfires in the past couple decades the state requires that water storage tanks for wildfires follow all local, county, and state codes and regulations. They also are required to be installed properly.

The Sacramento fire codes can be found at The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and the Sacramento Fire Code.

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NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

All fire protection tanks must meet the NFPA-22 standard. This is a national standard. They must also meet all local and state standards.  The NFPA-22 standard covers design, fabricate, placement, and upkeep of tanks and accessory equipment that supply water for private fire protection.

Water storage tank

Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Humboldt County

Both the steel bolted and poly tanks have benefits and can be used for fire protection tanks as well as other uses. Some of those uses include:

Depending on the amount of storage for each of these things you might be able to use a combination of steel bolted and poly tanks. Let’s take a look at what each type has to offer.

The steel bolted tank come in capacities starting at 4,000 gallons and going up to 2,868,000 gallons. They are compatible with all rules from local, state, and national codes and standards. These tanks will be placed on a concrete slab foundation.  With the larger capacities in the millions of gallons, these are an excellent choice for commercial properties.

The poly tanks come in capacities starting at 300 gallons to as high as 15,500 gallons. These tend to be an excellent choice for smaller residential properties. Poly tanks also meet all local, state, and national guidelines. The poly tank must also be installed on a solid foundation.

Both steel bolted and poly tanks are compliant with all local, state, and national regulations and standards. Remember that if it is used for fire protection purposes the tank must be clearly labeled “fire protection”.

Which one you choose will be determined by your needs concerning the area you are trying to cover with fire protection. If you are a large agricultural business you may need a combination of the two. A large commercial business property will probably do better with the steel bolted tank.