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Nevada Fire Protection Tanks

The state of Nevada needs fire protection tanks just like the states that border it. California, Oregon, and Utah are three states that border Nevada. All have high incidents of wildfire. The wildfire from any of these states could cross into Nevada and have before.

The population of Nevada in 2020 according to the census was 3,104,614. Nevada’s climate is desert to semi-arid. Nevada’s economy is cattle ranching, mining, and tourism with gambling.

In August 2019 there were three active fires burning. The Corta Fire burned 15,000 acres. The Shafter Fire burned 4,300 acres. The Goose fire burned 6,698 acres close to the Idaho border roughly 42 miles from Twin Falls.

In 2020 Nevada had several fires. There were nine to be exact. The largest being the Meadow Valley fire that burned 59,265 acres. The second largest fire in 2020 was the Twin fire that burned 25,110 acres. The smallest was the Monarch fire that burned 2,324 acres.

In 2021 there were 263 fires that burned 134,000 acres. The Tamarack fire was one of those it crossed the border of California into Nevada near Gardnerville. The Petrillafire near Pleasant Valley burned530 acres. The Wilson Creek fire burned 1,608 acres.

Water storage tank
water storage tank

What Is a Fire Protection Tank?

What is a fire protection tank? It is a water storage tank that is used only for fire protection. It must be clearly marked as fire protection. It also, must meet all local, county, and state regulations and standards, including NFPA-22.

A fire protection tank should be one part of a multipart fire preparedness plan. The rest of the plan should include the following:

The use of a fire preparedness plan can reduce the chances that a wildfire will spread to your land quickly. It can also help save you from a total loss if a wildfire should spread.

Using exterior sprinklers will greatly reduce the chances of hot embers igniting your structures. Interior sprinkler systems will slow the rate of spread inside.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Fire tanks are for both commercial and residential properties. The only difference in them is the tank for residential properties is smaller. That is because residential properties have fewer structures, less equipment, and less property to cover.

Typically, commercial properties chose the larger steel bolted tanks. The poly tanks are chosen by residential customers because they have less property size to protect.

Water Storage Tanks
Water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks in Nevada

Water storage tanks available in Nevada are steel bolted and poly tanks. These tanks have several uses that include:
The only difference in these tanks between uses is the lining or coating. A fire protection tank will require a different liner from irrigation or drinking water.

City, County and State Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

Water storage tanks must meet all local, county, and state requirements and codes.

In Nevada the state Fire Marshal is the department that enforces these codes.

Codes that pertain to building, water flow for sprinklers and hydrants, and more come from the state.

All water tanks in Nevada must be NFPA-22 compliant.

water storage tanks

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

NFPA-22 complaint means the water tank is up to standard. The NFPA-22 standard covers the tanks from design, building, installation, upkeep, and accessories like connections and valves.

Connections and valves can be added to your tank when it is made.


Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Nevada

Nevada has steel bolted and poly tanks available for fire protection tanks.

Usually, commercial properties will choose steel bolted tanks because they have a higher capacity. That higher capacity allows more protection for a higher number of structures, equipment, and supplies they need to protect.

Poly tanks normally are used in residential situation because they have a lower capacity. Residential properties have fewer structures, less equipment, and property to protect from fire.

Sometimes a combination of the two tanks is the best choice. It depends on how far structures and equipment is spread out.

These tanks pass all regulations and standards in Nevada and provide enough flow for sprinkler systems. Many commercial properties and even residential properties like high rise apartment buildings are now using exterior sprinklers that keep the structure damp during the threat of fire. This dampening of the structure makes it harder for an ember to ignite the structure.

All this helps reduce the risk of a total loss of property and life.

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