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Napa County, CA is known worldwide as the wine-growing region. In 1976, it rose to the first rank of wine regions with France when two local wineries won the “Judgment of Paris”. Those two wineries were Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Chateau Montelena.

With around 400 wineries it is a popular tourist area more than five million people visit Napa Valley each year. The wine region is one of Napa County’s economic drivers.

Besides visiting the wine region, tourists can visit Lake Berryessa for outdoor recreational activities of fish, hunting, and hiking.

Napa County has suffered significant losses in recent years with the wildfires. 2021 fires burned four million acres and damaged 17 wineries.

Water storage tank
Water storage tank

Napa CA. Fire Protection Tanks

The loss of more than four million acres and damage to 17 wineries has driven home the need for fire protection tanks in Napa County.  Fire protection tanks can help reduce the risk of these kinds of losses.

To protect your property you need to have a plan in effect that utilizes water storage tanks for the fire that can provide water for exterior and interior sprinkles. Plants and shrubs should be regularly cleaned of any debris or items that can ignite quickly.

What Is a Fire Protection Tank?

A fire protection tank stores water to prevent fire from spreading. It will not put out a large wildfire but allow time for the firefighters to get there. It will reduce the risk of total loss. These tanks are specifically designed to pass all local, state, and national regulations and codes.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Fire tanks can be used for both commercial and residential properties. Commercial properties like wineries can benefit from water storage tanks for fire protection. The tanks can be equipped to provide water to dry areas of the vineyard during a wildfire that is spreading. They can also provide water to the exterior and interior sprinklers.

Each fire tank can also have connectors added to them during production so that firefighters can connect to them for additional water to their supply.

Residential fire tanks are an excellent idea for those who are outside the municipality or city water flow. It reduces the risk of total loss while it provides time for the fire department to make it to you.

Water storage tank

Water Storage Tanks in Napa County

Water storage tanks in Napa County are a requirement for businesses including farming such as vineyards. Areas in Napa County should have water storage tanks for fire, drinking water, irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and even wastewater treatment. These areas include cities like the following:

If you pass through any of those areas you will likely find water storage tanks.  Some may be used for fire protection as required by the state; others may be for drinking water, irrigation, or other uses. Those tanks for fire protection must be clearly marked as fire protection tanks.

City, County and State of California Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

When placing fire tanks in California, you must follow all local, county, and state fire code requirements

If you are unsure of the codes for your county, you can check with the county government. They should be able to tell you the requirements or point you to the proper department to get the regulations and codes. Knowing the codes and regulations will help you be sure that you will not be fined for improper installation.

Napa County requires an approved water supply that can provide the required water flow for fire protection. Fire protection from that water is required for all facilities or buildings on the premises.

The Napa County Fire Department Guidelines for commercial development states that water storage tanks for private fire protection must meet and follow NFPA 22. 

The Napa County Fire Marshall’s office is responsible for annual inspections.

Water storage tank

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

NFPA-22 is a standard for private fire protection tanks. It covers design, construction, installation, and maintenance of tanks and accessory equipment that supply water for private fire protection.

All tanks must be compliant with the NFPA-22 standards.

Water storage tank

Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Napa County

The decision between steel bolted or poly tanks will depend on your needs. If it is a large commercial property with several structures or residential property with a large landmass the needs of each will be different.

Both the steel bolted and poly tanks have advantages and can be used for fire protection tanks as well as other uses. Some of those uses include:

Depending on the amount of storage for each of these things you might be able to use a combination of steel bolted and poly tanks. Let’s take a look at what each type has to offer.

The steel bolted tank comes in capacities starting at 4,000 gallons and going up to 2,868,000 gallons. They are compliant with all regulations from local, state, and national codes and standards. These tanks will be placed on a concrete slab foundation.  With the larger capacities in the millions of gallons, these are an excellent choice for commercial properties.

The poly tanks come in capacities starting at 300 gallons to as high at 15,500 gallons. These tend to be an excellent choice for smaller residential properties. Poly tanks also meet all local, state, and national regulations. The poly tank must also be installed on a solid foundation.

Both steel bolted and poly tanks are compliant with all local, state, and national regulations and standards. Remember that if it is used for fire protection purposes the tank must be clearly labeled “fire protection”.