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Los Angeles County CA. Fire Protection Tanks

Los Angeles County CA, being larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined has seen its share of wildfires.

Like the rest of California, Los Angeles County is now educating its population on wildfire preparedness and Fire Protection Tanks.

In 2019, Los Angeles County joined the lawsuit against Southern California Edison. As well as the parent company Edison International for damages caused by fire that was sparked from their equipment.

Friday, March 18, 2022, the Los Angeles County Fire Department was called for a brush fire in the Whittier Narrows Legg Lake area. The fire department was able to put it out and keep the damage to one acre.

Fire damages in California costs in the millions and even billions every year. Wildfire water tanks can help reduce that costs. With private fire protection tanks the risk of total loss of structures is also greatly reduced.

Water storage tank
Water storage tank

Los Angeles County CA is home to over 10 million people according to the 2020 census. Without doubt most people think of Hollywood and the film industry when they hear Los Angeles. The truth is that Los Angeles County’s economy is a little more diverse. Yes, a large portion is from the entertainment industry with the five major film studios located in the county. Other industries that contribute the county’s economy include:

What Is a Fire Protection Tank

A fire protection tank is a dedicated water storage tank for fire protection and suppression. Fire protection tanks are made from either steel or plastic. They come in various capacities, so they can be used be either commercial or residential properties.

Your fire protection tank must meet all local, county, and state codes and regulations. It must also be clearly marked as a fire tank.


Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Fire tanks can be used effectively for both commercial and residential properties to reduce the risk of total loss. It can also help reduce your insurance premiums or keep your insurance policy from being cancelled.

A water storage tank for fire protection should be a part of your wildfire preparedness plan. However, you must combine that tank with other actions that include the following:

Combining fire protection tanks with the other parts of a fire protection plan can reduce your risk both in total losses and insurance premiums.

water storage tank
water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks in Los Angeles County CA

There are steel bolted and poly water storage tanks available in Los Angeles County. These tanks can be used for several applications that include:

There are many uses for water storage tanks. The only difference between uses is the lining or coating. Drinking water will require a different lining from chemical storage. And, fire tanks must meet all the codes for local, county, and state including the NFPA-22 standard.

City, County and State of California Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

Before you purchase a fire tank, you should familiarize yourself with the Los Angeles County fire tank codes.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department division of fire prevention is responsible for educating the community on wildfire preparedness.

If you are building a new structure or remodeling you must file the county building codes.

Water storage tank

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

What is an NFPA-22 compliant water tank? NFPA-22 is the standard that is used for all fire protection tanks. It covers the design, manufacturing, installing, accessories, and upkeep of the tank.


Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Los Angeles County

You have a choice of steel bolted or poly tanks. Each tank has its benefits. The major difference between the two besides the material they are made of is the capacity of the tanks.

Steel bolted tanks have larger capacities than poly tanks. Steel bolted tanks begin at around 4,000 gallons and go up to 2,868,000 gallons; whereas poly tanks begin at 400 gallons and go up to 15,500 gallons.

In general commercial properties will choose the steel bolted tanks due to the higher capacity. Commercial properties will have more structures to protect than residential properties.

Residential properties generally go with the poly tanks because they have fewer structures to protect. They also have fewer chemicals or other substances that are highly flammable the way a commercial property does.

As long as you make sure you have enough of a capacity on your tank to run sprinkler systems. Both interior and exterior sprinklers and the ability to hook up hoses to spray nearby areas. Areas that may be dry or hold flammable materials should be kept wet during  a fire.

These tanks should be inspected at least once a year for leaks, cracks, or other damages. The water level should be maintained on them at all times. During summer months and fire season it may mean checking them once a week.

If you decide you want your local fire fighters to be able to connect to the tanks too then you need to have the size connections for the fire department put in during the manufacturing of the tank.

The tank should be installed by a professional to meet the standards of local and state guidelines. This will help ensure that your insurance policy won’t be dropped for improper fire protection tank installation. It also ensures that the tank will work when you need it to work most during a fire.

Water storage tank