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Idaho Fire Protection Tanks

Idaho like many of the western states has become aware of the need for fire protection tanks.

Idaho is a western state that has a population of 1.8 million. The climate varies through the state. Idaho has a number of state parks and protected areas.

The economy of Idaho consists of the following:

In 2021Idaho had a major uptick in wildfires seeing over 115,971 acres of state land burned. Before that the average was 20,049 acres in one year for 20 years.

Fire occurrence in 2021 was up 161% and the number of acres burned was up 578%. The governor added more firefighters and $150 million for future firefighting costs to the budget.

In July 2021 there were several fires. Some of these fires include:

Fire protection tanks can help reduce the number of acres that burn every year.

steel bolted tanks
steel bolted tanks

What Is a Fire Protection Tank

A fire protection tank is a water storage tank that is dedicated solely to fire protection. It must meet all local, county, and state codes and standards including the NFPA-22 standard.

It should be only one part of your fire preparedness plan. Other parts of that plan should include:

There are also benefits to a fire protection tank. Those benefits are:

If each citizen follows a fire preparedness program including fire protection tanks the number of wildfires each year could be reduced.

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Fire tanks are available in Idaho for both commercial and residential properties. The fire tanks meet all local, county, and state requirements.

Commercial properties pick the larger steel bolted tanks because they have more structures, expensive equipment, and goods that need to be protected. Residential properties can make use of the smaller poly tanks because the structure is smaller, and they have fewer structures.

Water Storage Tank Installation
Water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks in Idaho

Water storage tanks in Idaho have other uses beside fire protection tanks. Some of those other uses are:

The difference in uses of the tanks will require different liners. For example, a manufacturing will require a different liner from a wastewater treatment tank or drinking water tank.

City, County and State Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

Tanks must meet all local, county, and state fire code requirements.

Idaho State fire code help to ensure that structures are built with fire retardant materials, the flow of hydrants and sprinklers.

Idaho Dept. of Lands offers educational programs about the fire preparedness. 

State Fire Prevention classes are also offered.

If everyone does their part in reducing fires Idaho and several other states could see a decrease in the wildfires

steel bolted tanks

NFPA-22 Compliant Water Tanks

NFPA-22 compliant water tanks meet all the requirements from design, manufacturing, installation, upkeep, and accessories.


Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Idaho

Steel bolted tanks have a large capacity. They hold 4,000 gallons to two million gallons. This size is great for commercial properties. It will provide enough water flow for sprinkler systems to protect their structures, equipment, and products.

Poly tanks have a smaller capacity. They are good for residential properties. The smaller capacity still provides enough flow for sprinklers. It also protects their structures and property. 

In some cases, a combination of the two works well for small businesses or larger residential properties like high rise apartment buildings.

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