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Alameda County, CA is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its population as of the 2020 census was 1,682,353. Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County.

In a state that has severe droughts and wildfires, Alameda County like the rest of California needs to use fire prevention tanks.

In August 2020 the SCU Lightning Complex fire swept through parts of several counties including:

By Sunday the 23rd of 2020 it has already burned close to 340,000 acres.

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There are some major landmarks in Alameda County. Some of those include:
Alameda County has over 350 parks inside its county borders. Some of those include:
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Alameda County holds several schools which includes the following:

Alameda County economy is from the following:

What Is a Fire Protection Tank?

A fire protection tank is a water storage tank that is dedicated to fire protection. It has to meet and comply with all local, state, and national codes and regulations.

A fire protection tank must be clearly labeled as fire protection and not used for anything but fire protection. Both commercial and residential properties use fire protection tanks. It will supply water for sprinkler systems and hoses during a fire. This can help reduce the risk of total loss. 

Fire Tanks for both Commercial and Residential

Both commercial and residential properties benefit from fire tanks. It reduces the chances of a total loss of structures and belongings. It is a state law in California that all commercial businesses include fire tanks in their business and fire protection plans.

Residential properties including single-family residences can also benefit from fire tanks for the same reduction in loss.

Fire tanks for commercial and residential properties are only part of the fire protection plan. The remaining parts include:

Residential and commercial fire tanks are often different in the materials they are made from and the capacity sizes.

water storage tank
water storage tank

Water Storage Tanks in San Mateo County

Water storage tanks in Alameda County can be used for a number of different reasons. Some of those reasons include:

Each of these uses must use tanks that pass all the regulations. The fire protection tank must be clearly labeled as such.

The main difference is in the way the tank is used, its the liner or coating inside the tank. A tank that holds drinking water will have a different liner or coating from one that holds chemicals.

City, County and State of California Fire Code Requirements for Water Tanks

Local, County, and State fire code requirements for water tanks may vary slightly from county to county.

Alameda County codes may be different from Humboldt County.

The Alameda County Fire Department oversees the compliance of all local, state, and national codes. 

There is also the Alameda County fire flow requirement that must be met.

Your private fire protection tank must meet all those codes and requirements. Must be marked as fire protection and you should inspect the tank and level inside it continues month after month.

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NFPA-22 & AWWA Standards Followed

The NFPA-22 is a code that covers the design, building, maintenance, and installation of a tank. This code also covers connections to the tanks. If you decide you want your local fire department to hook up to your fire protection tank, you will need to know what size the connectors are that the fire department uses.

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Steel Bolted or Poly Tanks Available for Fire protection in Alameda County

What are the benefits between steel bolted and poly tanks? The main benefits of steel bolted tanks are:

These tanks are often used by commercial sites simply because they have a larger capacity for fire prevention. Be sure they are installed correctly on a concrete pad large enough to hold the weight, away from structures but close enough they can reach all the structures but have open space around them

Poly tanks are most often used as residential fire protection. They have capacity for 400 gallons to 15,500 gallons. This should be where they are easily accessible but also have enough water to run both interior and exterior sprinklers. You can have connections for garden hose put on these tanks. So make sure that you have several lengths of garden hoses nearby the fire protection tank.

Deciding on what size tank you need involves looking at a couple of factors. These factors include:

Fire protection tanks can be made to fit everyone’s needs and still be compliant with all the local, state, and national regulations. If you wish connectors and valves on the tank make that known before the tank begins being built.