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Water Storage for Fire Protection

Water storage for fire protection is a necessary part of life in California. These tanks provide water during fire season. They also provide water during fires that began for other reasons.

Water storage tanks for fire protection are used by commercial, industrial, and even private citizens. They want to protect their belongings and lives. Water storage is great for suburbia or rural areas. These areas are where well water will not deliver enough water. Even in cities, where commercial or industrial sites, water storage can help provide more flow. To go with the fire hydrants from the city for fighting fires on their sites.

Water storage tanks can be configured with many options. A storage tank can be set up for hydrant outlets to allow the fire company to hook up to the tank. Providing more water without slow flow like a well or taxing the water supply of the community.

Water storage tanks

Agriculture sites like large farms or vineyards use water storage to fight fires. This helps keep their property, machinery, and more becoming a total loss. Imagine if the farmers lost all their crops, there would be a food shortage in the country. In today’s market, most people do not realize just where their fruit, nuts, and vegetable come from. Bottled steel tanks are a preferred type for the agriculture industry.

Industrial and commercial sites often have chemicals on site for processes that are used to manufacture products. Retail sites need the extra water for sprinkler systems to protect inventory, the store, and customers. The corrugated tank is ideal for most situations in the commercial and retail industries. They can also help communities provide adequate fire protection and fighting. This is especially true in zones that do not see a lot of yearly rain.

Poly tanks can work for private homes or small businesses. Places that do not have any or few outbuildings and only four to 25 people. Anything larger will require more water capacity. This is located in rural regions where the well does not provide adequate flow.    

Fire Protection Tanks offers both bolted steel and poly tanks. Built tanks are available also. All tanks are made to and over code. You never have to worry about the tank being inferior. They meet the NFPA22 code that makes sure tanks are up to standard. Other standards or rules the tanks have to meet include AWWA, CBC2016, and NSF 61 standards. The rules and standards make sure all tanks are up to quality safety standards and can be used by fire companies.

Water storage for fire protection is vital in regions that are prone to drought. These districts may not have enough water without water storage to stop a fire from spreading. Or be able to stop a major loss from a fire.

Besides California, other northwest areas such as Utah, Oregon, Washington, and others that have yearly fire challenges benefit from water storage. With climate change prompting stronger and more frequent fires, everyone benefits from proper water storage. In recent years fire season has become almost a year-round season. 

Water storage tanks are economical. This is especially true when you consider the cost of fire damage and loss, as well as insurance premiums. In California, all new businesses must have fire protection tanks to get a license. Companies and industries having water storage tanks along with a fire prevention plan may see a reduction in the premiums of their insurance.

Whether you have a commercial business or are a major farming business or even a private homestead the benefits of water storage far outweigh the cost of the tank(s) and installation. You will have fewer worries about protecting your people and property.