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We offer Storage Tanks from 5,000 gallons up to 5 million gallons. Our Tanks comply with local, state, and national fire protection codes and standards including NFPA22, AWWA, CBC2016, and NSF 61 standards.

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Fire Protection Tanks

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Fire Protection Tanks

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Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks have long been considered the most effective solution to protect some of America’s most fertile farming soil. It is no wonder why the agriculture industry in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and other states at risk of wildfires, look to Storage Tank specialists to protect them with additional onsite water reserves.   

The diversity of the farming operations we serve both large and small require extraordinary attention. A good portion of the food supply we oftentimes take for granted is grown by these farms and ranches and shipped to farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and restaurants around the United States.

Needless to say that one of the most precious resources that are the lifeblood of this thriving industry is WATER. With the drought conditions that have existed year after year storage of this precious water is not only important but lifesaving in most circumstances. There are many reasons to have an ample supply of water on hand such as Irrigation, Fire Protection and Suppression, Emergency Drinking Water and so much more.

Bolted Steel Tanks have long been the preferred choice for Agriculture operations to store all of their current and expected water needs. A corrugated bolted steel tank is the ideal solution for most water storage needs and is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing so. With AWWA and NFPA standards adhered to our tanks can be as small as 700 gallons tanks or as much as 6 million gallons. 

We are pleased to be a top dealer for the entire line of water storage tanks at 2 top-rated tank manufacturers. With a complete line of poly tanks available immediately, shop-built steel tanks to 5,000 gallons or tanks built on site up to 5 million gallons. Our storage tank specialists can assess your current situation and make the perfect recommendation based on your need, budget, and unique installation requirements.

As Californians, we have seen the horror and devastation caused by wildfires on our precious farms and pristine landscape which are expected to continue, this reality makes storing water in one of our quality tanks the best and only solution.

Our engineering department works closely with city and county officials to ensure that all of our tanks are not only compliant with all regulatory bodies but we exceed those expectations on all of our installations. If you are unfamiliar with the fire codes and requirements we are happy to provide you the links to each so you understand the complexity of this process.

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